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The Journey of Living Faith Church: A 42-Year Legacy of Faith and Impact

Living Faith Church, which has now celebrated 35 years of ministry, has a remarkable history rooted in an extraordinary vision. This blog post delves into the detailed and well-documented account of the birth and growth of this inspiring institution.

The Birth of Living Faith Church: An 18-Hour Vision In the annals of religious history, Living Faith Church stands as a testament to divine guidance and vision. It all began in May 1981 when Brother David, later known as Bishop David Oyedepo, found himself at The International Hotel in Ilesha, Nigeria. What was meant to be a simple visit to a friend took an unexpected turn when God directed him to a quiet place to commune with Him. In that sacred space, he experienced an intense 18-hour vision.

In this vision, Bishop David saw people in distress, crying, and suffering from various hardships. Their pain touched him deeply, prompting him to inquire of the Lord. The response was profound: “FROM THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO, NOW THE HOUR HAS COME TO LIBERATE THE WORLD FROM ALL OPPRESSION OF THE DEVIL, AND I AM SENDING YOU TO UNDERTAKE THIS TASK.” With these words, the Liberation Mandate was born.

Financial Independence through Faith One of the distinguishing features of Living Faith Church is its unwavering financial independence. From its inception, the ministry has never borrowed from any source, received foreign aid, or incurred any debt. This financial autonomy is a testament to the organization’s profound trust in divine providence, as they firmly believe that God is the ultimate source of wealth.

Divine Encounters Bishop David Oyedepo’s journey was not without divine encounters. The Lord, in His wisdom, instructed him not to tread the well-worn path of other ministries. Instead, He ordained that Pastor E.A. Adeboye, a respected figure in the Christian faith, lay hands on Bishop David. This divine touch set the stage for the remarkable ministry that would follow.

Moreover, the Word of Faith, a spiritual mantle passed down from Kenneth E. Hagin, was entrusted to Bishop David, further empowering his mission.

Spiritual Lineage and Headquarters Relocation Living Faith Church, often referred to as the Winners’ family, boasts a rich spiritual lineage that includes influential figures like Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, and Benson Idahosa. In 1999, the ministry’s headquarters found its permanent home in Canaanland Ota, Lagos.

The Coal of Fire and Prophetic Declarations Bishop David Oyedepo’s dedication to his calling was solidified during an arduous mountain fasting experience. Struggling to descend from the mountaintop, he received a divine touch, with God declaring, “I HAVE TOUCHED YOUR MOUTH WITH THE COAL OF FIRE, AND AS FROM TODAY, ANYTHING YOU SAY, YOU SHALL HAVE IT JUST THE WAY YOU HAVE SAID IT.” This encounter marked the birth of a ministry marked by powerful prophetic declarations.

Architectural Marvel: A Sanctuary for 50,000 The ministry boasts one of the world’s most impressive auditoriums, comfortably accommodating 50,000 worshippers. Furthermore, they are currently in the process of building a 100,000-seat stadium-like auditorium with a rotating altar.

Overcoming Opposition Living Faith Church has faced opposition from various quarters, including media and government entities. Despite these challenges, the ministry has continued to thrive, a testament to their unwavering faith and divine protection.

Educational and Publishing Arm The Dominion Publishing House is the ministry’s publishing arm, responsible for disseminating their message to a global audience. Additionally, Living Faith Church operates Kingdom Heritage Primary School, Faith Academy secondary schools, Covenant University, and Landmark University, both of which have their primary and secondary schools.

A Fleet of Private Jets Living Faith Church’s remarkable growth is symbolized by its possession of four private jets and a helicopter, enabling them to spread their message globally.

From Humble Beginnings to Multitudes The ministry’s journey began humbly as a fellowship group with only four members, affectionately dubbed “three and a half” by Bishop David due to the inconsistency of the fourth member. However, a divine intervention transformed the situation, bringing multitudes to the ministry. The moment the veil of obscurity was lifted, people began flocking to the church in unprecedented numbers.

The Twelve Pillars Living Faith Church stands on a solid foundation built on twelve pillars, including faith, the Word, signs and wonders, the Holy Spirit, prosperity, prayer, healing, wisdom, success, vision, consecration, and praise.

Shiloh and Prophetic Focus In 1999, the commission initiated Shiloh, an annual gathering with distinct themes. Additionally, each month carries a prophetic focus, guiding the ministry’s teachings and activities.

Leadership and Scholarship Bishop David Oyedepo serves as the President of the commission, while Bishop David Abioye is the Vice President. The commission extends its reach by offering scholarships to individuals in Nigeria and beyond.

The Current Resident Pastor Pastor David Oyedepo Junior now leads Faith Tabernacle, the ministry’s flagship assembly.

Global Impact Living Faith Church’s reach extends far and wide, with over 12,000 churches planted in Nigeria and over 1,000 worldwide. The Faith Tabernacle hosts five services with an astonishing average attendance of over 300,000 people.

Conclusion: Living Faith Church’s 35-year journey is a testament to faith, vision, and divine guidance. From humble beginnings to global impact, this ministry embodies the belief that faith can move mountains and change lives. Through unwavering dedication to their calling and a commitment to divine principles, Living Faith Church has become a beacon of hope and transformation for countless individuals worldwide.

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