Eye stress could cause blindness

Eye pressure can cause blindness

Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Nükhet Özsoy made an announcement because of the 12 March World Glaucoma Day. Stating that glaucoma is a situation that may be skilled in all age teams, from new child infants to older folks, Dr. Özsoy stated, “As a result of intraocular stress causes a gradual and progressive harm to the optic nerve, glaucoma is a illness that normally develops with out ache and with out signs.”

Stating that there are several types of the illness relying on the causes and their incidence is expounded to age, Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Özsoy said that the affected person got here to the physician when it was troublesome for the affected person to note and the remedy was late. Stating that the most typical kind of glaucoma is open angle glaucoma, Dr. Özsoy said that glaucoma didn’t present any signs within the preliminary section because of the gradual improve in intraocular stress, and it was observed late as a result of imaginative and prescient loss developed slowly.

Within the narrow-angle glaucoma kind seen amongst 10 p.c of the sufferers, Dr. Özsoy stated, “Sufferers might expertise complaints similar to blurred imaginative and prescient, extreme eye ache, headache, rainbow halos across the mild, nausea and vomiting.”

Emphasizing that age, household historical past of glaucoma, myopia or hyperopia, earlier eye trauma, skinny cornea (glassy layer of the attention) thickness, diabetes, migraine, and circulation issues, these elements ought to be evaluated and remedy ought to be deliberate. Özsoy underlined that these sufferers have the next than regular danger of creating glaucoma sooner or later, and that common examination is important for early detection of injury to the optic nerve.

Stating that within the much less widespread kind of glaucoma, intraocular stress can out of the blue rise to excessive values, it will possibly present itself with signs similar to ache across the eyes, redness within the eye, blurred imaginative and prescient, nausea, vomiting and the looks of halos across the lights. Özsoy said that within the very superior phases of the illness, extreme narrowing of the visible subject and circumstances through which it’s understood that one eye can not even see the sunshine within the final stage is the stage that happens within the final stage and the remedy of the loss is now not potential.

Saying that having common eye exams is one of the best ways to diagnose glaucoma, Dr. Nükhet Özsoy gave details about the assessments that have to be completed within the examination:

“Tonometry check; measurement of intraocular stress. ophthalmoscopy; It’s a technique used to look at the within of the attention, particularly the posterior half and optic nerves. Perimetry check; Additionally referred to as visible subject check. With this check, the affected person’s visible subject is mapped. gonioscopy; It’s a technique that permits the area the place the iris and cornea meet to be seen. It’s made with a instrument that accommodates mirrors and lenses positioned at sure angles.”
Stating that these assessments are usually not mandatory for everybody, Dr. Özsoy said that in some circumstances, glaucoma will be managed with eye drops and success will be achieved with drug remedy.

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