Preparing for Divine Encounter at Shiloh 2023

  The Significance of Winners Chapel Shiloh Encounter   December holds a unique significance, rooted in biblical references such as Matthew 20:1-20 and Genesis 49:10. Delving into these scriptures, we uncover profound insights into the concept of divine settlement during the 12th hour, symbolizing the 12th month of the year. Biblical References: Matthew 20:1-20 – The 12th Hour Settlement: Drawing …

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Winners Chapel: Getting Set for Divine Encounters at Shiloh 2023

LIVING FAITH CHURCH WORLDWIDE. Inc. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER EXHORTATION LINES Monday, 13th – Saturday, 18th November 2023 Introduction Every divine visitation requires spiritual preparation – Exo. 19:10-11/ Amos 4:12 Therefore, every one of us should purge himself of anything that can rob us of taking full delivery of what Shiloh 2023 offers – Psa. 15:1-5 / 1 Jhn 3:3 …

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Facts about Winners CHAPEL (Living Faith Church)

The Journey of Living Faith Church: A 42-Year Legacy of Faith and Impact Living Faith Church, which has now celebrated 35 years of ministry, has a remarkable history rooted in an extraordinary vision. This blog post delves into the detailed and well-documented account of the birth and growth of this inspiring institution. The Birth of Living Faith Church: An 18-Hour …

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