23 Facts about Apostle Joshua Selman (His Life and Ministry)

Apostle Joshua Selman: The Set man of Koinonia Ministry

Apostle Joshua Selman, a name that resonates with countless believers around the world, remains an enigmatic figure when it comes to the digital realm. In an age where social media seems to be a ubiquitous presence, it’s astonishing to note that this revered spiritual leader shuns all online platforms. The internet is flooded with fraudulent accounts bearing his name. Thus, it is essential to be vigilant and cautious when encountering any social media profile claiming to be him.

Here are 23 facts that shed light on the life and beliefs of this remarkable Pastor:

1. Family Man: Apostle Joshua Selman is the second child in a family of four. He has an older sister and two younger siblings, emphasizing the significance of family bonds in his life.

2. Academic Pursuits: A graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, his academic journey led him to study chemical engineering, a path that would eventually merge with his spiritual calling in profound ways.

3. Hailing from Jos, Nigeria: Apostle Joshua Selman’s roots trace back to the picturesque city of Jos, Nigeria, where his spiritual journey began.

4. Early Devotion: His profound commitment to God started at a tender age when he dedicated his life to Christ during one of his school’s fellowships.

5. Training Ground: He honed his spiritual acumen at the prestigious Benny Hinn School of Ministry, an institution renowned for shaping many influential spiritual leaders.

6. Undying Love for God: Apostle Joshua Selman’s unwavering and contagious love for God is evident to all who encounter him, as he makes no effort to conceal his devotion.

7. Emphasis on Intimacy: He firmly believes in cultivating an intimate relationship with God, emphasizing that every action should emanate from the secret place of communion with the divine.

8. Modest Lifestyle: In a world rife with extravagance and self-promotion, Apostle Joshua Selman chooses to live modestly. He keeps many facets of his life private, preferring to focus on his spiritual journey and the impact he can make, rather than seeking the limelight.

9. A Lifelong Giver: Even from a young age, Apostle Joshua Selman possessed a generous spirit. While attending a boarding school, he would selflessly distribute more than half of his allowance among his siblings, preserving only what was necessary for himself. This early disposition to giving has remained a cornerstone of his life.

10. A Taste for the Mundane: Contrary to popular belief, he indulges in physical pleasures, including a fondness for ice cream. This simple preference reflects his down-to-earth nature.

11. A Different Child: Throughout his childhood, it was apparent that Apostle Joshua Selman was unique. While other children played and socialized, he could be found in a small room behind his father’s house, immersed in prayer and Bible reading for hours on end.

12. Divine Alarm Clock: During his time as a secondary school student, he held the responsibility of being the time prefect in JSS2. Remarkably, he recounted how the Holy Spirit consistently woke him at around 5 am, ensuring he fulfilled his duties, even in the smallest of details.

13. A Gifted Singer: Beyond his role as a teacher, Apostle Joshua Selman is also a gifted singer. His melodic voice enhances his teachings and captivates many, as he employs music to underscore his messages.

14. Advocate for Balance: He ardently promotes balance and moderation in all aspects of life, emphasizing the need to maintain a balanced perspective on various beliefs and philosophies.

15. Believer in the Process: Apostle Selman’s firm conviction in the value of process, preparation, and recognizing one’s seasons has shaped his ministry. He understands that true success emerges from the crucible of preparation and refinement.

16. A Humble Soul: Despite his remarkable accomplishments, Apostle Selman is known for his humility. Those who have met him attest to his meekness and his reluctance to seek the spotlight.

17. Compassionate Heart: His actions demonstrate a deep and sincere love for people. His compassion and care for others shine through in all he does.

18. Advocate of Unity: Apostle Joshua Selman places a high value on the unity of the Body of Christ, believing that believers exist to complement one another.

19. A Friend to Children: Like Jesus in the Gospel accounts, he welcomes children with open arms, making them feel valued and cherished.

20. Lifelong Learner: He is a strong proponent of personal development and continuous learning. Apostle Joshua Selman advocates for the pursuit of knowledge even after formal education, continually reading and studying diverse sources.

21. The Library of Revelations: His extensive library holds a special place in his heart, particularly the books that carry divine revelations. He treasures this collection more than any other possession.

22. A Nocturnal Devotee: He embraces the night as a sacred time for prayer and study. On days when he’s not ministering, he often finds himself awake until the early hours of the morning.

23. A Man of Many Facets: Apostle Selman is not just spiritual; he is also savvy and streetwise. Engaging in a conversation with him about contemporary topics reveals his trendy, street-smart, and humorous side.

Apostle Joshua Selman remains an intriguing figure who inspires countless with his humility, wisdom, and unwavering devotion to God. His life serves as a testament to the power of faith and the impact one individual can make when guided by a higher calling.

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